Fundraising at Jack and Jill Preschool is extremely important. Whether it is raising money directly for the preschool through grand events like our Christmas Fair or Summer Fun Day or through smaller events like our cake sales and sponsored dress up (or dress down!) days. We also aim to raise awareness of others less fortunate than us in the wider community through events such as the Christmas Samaritan's shoebox appeal, Samaritan's purse and 'Blue Day'.
The preschool is funded solely through fees and Nursery Education Grants therefore, making our fundraising events of paramount importance. All money raised goes directly back into our charity and it has meant that we can continue to keep the stock of toys up-to-date, fund outings for all preschool children and hold leavers party. We can also maintain our outside areas.
Finally, a Big Thank You to all parents, childminders, grandparents and carers for their continued support!