Our approach

Our approach to supporting the learning and development

Each child has a key person who will help them settle into the group whilst building up positive relationship with them, understanding their needs, care routine, interest and learning styles.  This information is obtained through observation and informal conversations with parents.

Any concerns throughout the above process are raised initially with the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), who works closely with the key person to differentiate resources, activity and experiences, adapting and supporting the child in order for them to achieve.

If, after discussing our concerns with you, we feel additional support is needed, we will work with you to put a development plan in place to meet the childs needs and your requirements.  All progress will be recorded and shared with you.

The SENCo will liaise with other professionals (first gaining your permission) such as Speech and Language therapist, Early Years Advisory Teachers, Health Visitors and Area SENCo to gain further advice in supporting you and your child.  We will then work collaboratively to ensure advice and strategies are implemented.

This process will be monitored, reviewed and evaluated with you and any other professional on a regular basis.